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Benefit soaker embellished with a teardrop reminiscent of the leukemia society emblem
Back of Choo Choo soaker - nice caboose ! Thanks to another patient mama :)
Spring colors Under the Sea with a Nemo on the front too!
Simple soaker dressed up with a colorful bow
Midnight dragonfly soaker
Midsummer nights dream soaker and mini - fairy carries a Rowan branch as a protection from evil.
Created summer 2004 - Front has a wise old owl resting on an oak branch
Side view shows how design wraps around. Thanks to the mama that commisioned it for her patience and design inspiration!
This patient mama asked to be surprised. It was a lot of fun to design this one.
Beach inspired acrylic/wool blend soaker with ring of fishies knit in by hand.
Here's the second pair of shorts - almost there, just a few more fit adjustments...
Custom soaker for a friend - crescent moon and star motif embroidered on back
Coyote Desertscape soaker shorts - howling coyote and full moon
Front of soaker features Pleiades constellation
Fall 2004 "Turning Leaves" my first Baby Longlegs™ featuring hidden elastic in waistband casing
Fall - 2004 Front shows leave blowing in the wind - these pants have hidden elastic at the base of the ribbing
Detail of embroidery - bunny is inspired by Peter Rabbit's mom!
Under the Sea soaker
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