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  Gallery One - early work

I finally made a nice soaker for my daughter! Happy Valentine's day!
Christmas present for a dear friend - soaker embroidered to match purchased diaper
Front of firefly soaker is embellished with a colorful dragonfly.
"Fireflies at twilight" theme soaker. As I was embroidering, the wee bugs took over, before I knew it it was a personalized soaker!
Teal Heart Soaker in size small/med
Handknit custom preemie soaker with "apple a day" theme.
Fall 2003 - My first got cloth? soaker knit for the child of a cloth diaper hyena!
Original design fish theme soaker knit to fit
Fall 2003 - my first Hand embroidered custom soaker - Click on any photo in the gallery to see a closeup
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