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  Gallery 3 - Tie dyes and got cloth?

Peace! Tie dye Longlegs™ with custom embroidery
First soak-a-delic™ soaker with the No Strings Attached™ waistband
got wool? wetbag
Tie dyed shorts sold on Midday Faire
and more...
My first tie-dye soak-a-delic™ soaker. I'm addicted!
Merino Soak-a-delic™ tie dye soaker
Loden green merino Got cloth?
Back of soaker
Latest tie dye - vivid colors on white yarn
Bullseye! or is that a crop circle? You never know what you're going to get with the tie dyed soakers.
Love the colors on this soaker
Back of soaker
Colorful Soak-a-delic™ soaker
Back of soaker
Ah - finally I have upgraded my design to seamless!
My second attempt at acid tie-dyeing. Kinda groovy!
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