Fluff Factory
Fluff Factory conducts charity auctions on a regular basis. Knit In Your Pants is proud to be a contributing member of Fluff Factory

Visit my Blog
A blog about hand and machine knitting with a little photography and chit-chat thrown in.

Curly Purly
Fun site with knitting, soakers and free patterns. Try the pumpkins!

Antique Comb Collectors Club
I collect antique combs and love to share my hobby with friends!

Fiber Arts Avenger
The Fiber Arts Avengers project brings creative crafters together for a charitable cause. See how you can help!

Wooly Wonder Soakers and Forums
Visit Wooly Wonders to learn how to knit soakers. Be sure to check out the forums for all the latest on knitting, selling and using soakers.

The site for info on natural family living. Be sure to visit the diapering forum!
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