Pricing / Sizing

Always measure over a cloth diaper!

Small sizes run approx 18" hip or smaller
Medium sizes run approx 19" hip
Large sizes run approx 20" hip
Xlarge sizes run approx 21" hip

Rise is generally the same or a little smaller than the hip measurement. Leg hole measurements vary by individual soaker but are stretchy and fit a range of sizes. Please always check measurements before buying.

I frequently "combine" sizes as it is rare that a soaker measures exactly the desired dimension. Baby Longlegs™ should be bought by actual measurements, most important being the hip and rise measurement.
Got cloth? soaker prices are as follows:
Small - $54.00
Medium - $57.00
Large - $60.00

Pricing may vary depending on yarn used and number of colors used in the lettering.
For custom Tie-dye or Got cloth? style Baby Longlegs basic pricing is as follows:
Small - $75.00
Medium - $85.00
Large/Xlarge - $95.00
The No Strings Attached elastic waistband is included in the basic pants price. Prices may vary depending on yarn used and any additional embellishments.
I am sorry but I am not open to custom orders at this time. Please join the Yahoo group to stay informed of stockings here, or at Midday Faire.