About soakers

What is a soaker? A soaker is a knit or crocheted pant, usually 100% wool, although blends and even synthetics can be used with some success. Soakers provide a breathable "water-resistant" cover. Wool is naturally antibacterial and can absorb quite a lot of wetness before it begins to feel damp. An added advantage to wool is that it can be air dryed between wearings and reused. Unless they have been soiled, soakers that are used daily should be washed every 2 or 3 weeks in a lanolin enriched wool wash or mild shampoo. It is recommended that soakers be lanolized as often as needed to boost protection - perhaps every month or so. I lanolize my soakers prior to shipping so they will be ready to use when received. For more information about wool, cloth and natural parenting please visit the links section of my website.