About Knit In Your Pants

Thank you for taking the time to check out my site! I love knitting and have found soaker knitting to be especially rewarding as I can combine my love of design, knitting, and babies all in one project! With lots of input from several mommies I developed my own pattern that is trim fitting and provides good coverage. All of my soakers are knit with 100% wool unless indicated otherwise. Unless otherwise stated they are hand dyed with koolaid or food dye and lanolized prior to delivery. Usually, I knit a portion of the soaker on a simple hand operated knitting machine. The leg openings and any sort of special trims are knit by hand. All embroidery is done free hand. We have a non smoking home but I do have an older cat. She stays clear of the knitting though - I bag everything when I'm not working on it. In the fall of 2004 Knit In Your Pants™ introduced Baby Longlegs™ unique long pants to keep your baby warm and dry. This year I've designed a new waistband - The No Strings Attached™ elastic waistband providing an attractive, fiddle-free comfortable elasticized waistband. Thanks for stopping in!